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Tuning & Services

Piano Tuning
& Services

        well-tuned piano is the foundation of an enjoyable piano playing experience.  We
recommend a minimum of one tuning per year, to keep a piano at an industry standard pitch of A-440.  In circumstances where the piano is used regularly and strenuously, we recommend a minimum of twice a year.


Like any fine machine that needs preventative maintenance, your piano is no different. Without regular servicing there is an increased chance that your piano may need a pitch raise to return it to the industry standard of A-440 before a fine-tuning can be accomplished. This is an extra cost that can be avoided with consistent regular maintenance.


  • Standard Tuning = $160

  • Standard Tuning w/ Pitch Raise = $230

Your piano is a beautifully crafted and mechanically intricate piece of art containing over 10,000 meticulously crafted parts of all sizes and shapes. Most of the parts are moving parts that inevitably, as these parts move and age, they begin to break down, and become in need of repair or replacement. We can repair everything from broken strings and sticking keys to more labor intense jobs such as voicing and regulation. If it is broken Eyler Piano can fix it! 

Wondering if you might need these services? Click on the links below.


Our current schedule of tuning fees:


Moving & Storage

Piano Moving
& Storage

    he average upright piano weighs around 400 pounds and a grand piano can easily be double that weight. Attempting to move one by yourself with a couple of friends can be very dangerous; placing yourself, those helping you, and your property at great risk.


Why not call the professionals at Eyler Piano to move it for you?

We are professionally trained and equipped, specializing in moving pianos as safely and efficiently as possible. 


Being fully licensed and insured, you can rest in the fact that we pride ourselves in protecting your home and instrument while moving your beloved piano.​

If you are between homes, having your floors redone, or any other reason, we offer climate-controlled storage for your piano.


Our current schedule of moving fees:

Local Moves

  • Upright Pianos = $325

  • Grand Pianos = $425

  • Unique Pianos, please call for quote

Long Distance Moves

  • Call for quote

Piano Storage = $55 / month

Piano Moving

**Local moves are serviced within the entire Greater Columbia area including but certainly not limited to Irmo, Chapin, Forest Acres, Downtown, Lexington, Cayce, West Columbia, etc. within 30 minutes of our Irmo office.

*We service moves in the entire South Carolina, North Carolina, & Georgia tri-state area.

Prices given may vary depending on unique situations, piano types, or distance. Please call for a quote.

Piano Sales
& Rentals

        e specialize in high quality used inventory. Whether you're looking for an upright or a grand, we carry a selection of various makes and models, styles, and finishes. We also have monthly and event rental options. 

Come visit our store and see for yourself!


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Sales & Renals
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